Monday, 23 May 2011


Nothing really to report on the smell front, it's only day three after all. Some pretty good reactions from people though. No one's been surprised, at least not my friends anyway. Like I said, I'm fairly well known for my lack of a normal sense of personal hygiene.

I have only been in my current job for about two months, which might be an issue, but they seemed more dubious than apprehensive when I mentioned it.

Generally the reaction's been a sort of vaguely amused disgust. Already got a couple of  more sensitive friends avoiding physical contact but I'm pretty sure that's down to the principle rather than any kind of real aversion to my present state. That may change.

My girlfriend has started to refer to me as 'Stinky', and she does claim I was unpleasant this morning, but again I reckon this is the result of her knowledge of my cleanliness not its actual effect. Her boss's reaction was pretty good. She's offered my girlfriend £40 if she gives me head on the last of the 40 days. Unfortunately for me it doesn't look like it's going to work.

Really it could go two ways. Either I'm going to start to reek and everyone will notice or, and I think this is probably more likely, I'll not be too noticeable and people will start to forget about it pretty quickly.

Not that I won't smell at all, merely that I don't think it's going to get unbearable, and  I do have some tactics planned. First, and most obvious: clean clothes daily. The real unwashed stench is due to the build up on clothes as much as, and maybe even more than, body. I own quite a lot of shoes so I can keep them on rotation as well, which will help. Second: nudity. My thinking is that if I spend most of my time at home bollock naked and exposed to the air it will mitigate the smell a bit. Even if not then it'll keep me amused. Could be a little awkward if any of my friends decide to drop by unexpectedly though.

Other than that there are a few bits to consider. Shaving for a start. Dry shaving is not fun. I'm not that happy with the idea of wielding blades near my face to start with and even less so when they're unlubricated. Having said that, I'm not the hairiest of people. In fact, at 27, I still can't even nearly grow a full beard. Which, now I think about it, makes the problem worse. If I could grow anything like an actual beard I'd just overcome the problem that way. As it is I have to shave because otherwise I'll end up with ridiculous tufts poking out of my face at odd angles. I do have some hair clippers though, which should keep it short enough without mangling my face too much.

Even if I'm not forced to be celibate then too much sex could be a fairly bad idea. And that goes for masturbation too. Fun inside my pants will definitely turn into not-so-fun inside my pants pretty quickly if I can't wash what's inside my pants.

I'm sure there are more things I could say but I'm bored now. Another time.

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